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Insight on rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs for shopping online

Insight on rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs for shopping online

online jewellery shopping for Rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs

Rajasthan is well known region of the india where everything has its own culture and legend whether it may be royal cuisine, mahals, forts, handicrafts or rajputi attires. Rajasthan’s Rajputi outfits including ornaments are so unique from others. The jewellery is the essential part of rajputi outfit in indian culture. And when it comes to jewellery wearing, the adornment of lady is incomplete.

It is considered that the supremacy of royal family is reflected by their rajputi jewellery. We can assume it seeing the rajputi bride in rajasthani wedding. The bridal dresses look gorgeous with filigree work, polki work, kundan work and meenakari work jewellery designs. Such types of art jewellery are best for online jewellery shopping.

The post has round up the elegant items to shop & choose the rajputi or rajasthani jewellery designs, Read on:

Bangles or Bangadi

Rajputi bangles and kadas are most prominent ornament for rajasthani bride or married woman. For a rajputi or rajasthni women it is the symbol of suhag and pride according to indian culture. Lots of jewellery stores have the best rajputi jewellery designs in bangles or kadas. Ponchi or bangadi are the traditional & old rajputi jewellery designs to love the ancient rajasthani culture. Go jewellery online shopping to buy raani haars.
Beautiful rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs

Choker, Raani Haar or Necklaces

Haars, mangalsutra, chokers are so familiar to the bride. Choker studded with precious stones is the best example of rajputi jewellery design. Raani haar or cocker is the beautiful symbol to show rajputi royalty.

Rajasthni Traditional Aad

Aad is another example of rajputi jewellery designs in rajasthan. Aad is the traditional wearing jewel of rajasthan and india.


Nathani is a jewel to reflect the bride beautiful. It gives a glorious look to the bride appearance. Nathani is to wear in nose attaching the ear. This is the traditional item for online jewellery shopping.


Rakhdi is the symbol of pride for rajasthani ladies. Rakhdi, a round shape bell is used by the rajasthani women between partings of the hair. It is the best jewel to enhance the bridal look.

rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs

Bicchiya & Hatphool

Bicchiya & Hatphool

Bicchiya is to wear in toe by women. Bicchiyas are used by the bride and married woman especially. Hatphool is the ornament which is worn at hand by the ride in rajasthan. Hathphool is the traditional jewel piece, gives the unforgettable experience of wearing rajputi jewellery.

Apart from these rajasthan’s rajputi jewellery designs you choose rajputi taagadi, borla, baajuband, chooda, tikka when you are going to online jewellery shopping.


Celebrity inspiration and rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs

Rajasthani may be a factor to show the beauty of indian celebrities. The indian actresses admire rajasthani jewellery designs. Rjasthani rajpuii jewellery designs are worn by indian actresses and celebs. You may see indian actresses wearing rajputi dreeses with rajasthnai ornaments with elegant jewellery designs. Indain celebs or actresses like Vidya Balan, Rekha, Sridevi, Aishwarya Rai, krishma kappor and Madhuri Dixit have been seen in Rajasthani Rajputi jewellery designs at the red carpet in many events or movies.

Go online jewellery shopping to choose rajasthani rajputi jewellery designs in magnificent varieties!

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Lucrative guidelines for jewellery online shopping


Buying guide for jewellery online

Online Shopping in India has come as a big shopping revolution. From a matchstick to nappies to laptops and expensive gadgets- Online shopping is taking the world by storm. Gone are the days when people used to shrink their forehead lines when it comes to shop online. But here too, there is a call for of caution as if not done thoughtfully, it can cause harm to your pocket. And, when it comes to buy jewellery online, it gets even more vital to keep a few parameters in mind for a pleasant shopping experience. Not just the general points, but the specific ones like certifications, purity are the matters of consideration too.

Scroll down the checklist to refer before shopping online-

1. Customer Service Department is one of the primary features of a good ecommerce store as you can ask them your queries and see the responsiveness of the team to customer queries and how they are handling the customers.

2. While buying jewellery online, ensure that it is certified by any renowned lab or not. Ensure that the stones you are adding to your cart comply with the standards.

3. Ensure to get the right size for bangles, chains, rings, bracelets etc. Size chart needs to be checked thoroughly.

4. Find out if the portal has return policy or not. It is an important component in buying decision-making or in which form the website is following- Debit card transfer, wallet, bank account etc.

5. Check out the product images as when you shop online, an image can give you the overall appeal idea about the product.

6. Pricing is the major part when you buy jewellery online. Comparison with other jewellery portals is the key here.

7. Know the nature of shipment. In case you are buying a large no. of jewellery pieces, it is advisable to go for a portal which provides insurance while shipping.

Now when you got the guide, be on safer side while choosing your favorite jewel pieces. There are many noteworthy names in online jewellery market,, Bluestone, Voylla, caratlane have large unit of fashion and precious jewellery and the expert manpower for designing and curating the jewellery with love. They provide unique features to offer the customers a seamless experience such as unmatched designs, reasonably priced, fashionable and traditional jewellery. Make a smart choice. Happy jewellery shopping to you, ladies at!


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Today 1 gram gold jewellery price rates in India

Are you Looking for gold jewellery shopping and gold price and rates?

Check Today 1 gram gold price in India for 24 karat in indian rupees at here….

Online jewellery shopping india

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Shopping for gold jewellery designs online at tanishq, mirraw

gold jewellery online shopping tanishq

Gold is very good choice to wear for women to look pretty. Every woman wants to wear gold jewellery like magnificent rings, necklaces, earrings and etc. Presenting gold gift can make happy your girlfriend, beloved or wife. At any occasion whether it anniversary, birthday you can give to you partner.

If have don’t have time to go shop jewellery in the market, you can purchase gold jewellery items at home via online shopping from many of stores like tanishq, bluestone, mirraw, johareez and etc. These online jewellery stores are providing latest indian gold jewellery designs with new fashion trends of your thoughts.

Above jewellery stores (eg. tanishq) are leading spot in india for gold jewellery online shopping. Are you looking for tanishq gold jewellery designs, go to the home site of tanishq. Here this post has best gold jewellery designs to shop online at tanishq, bluestone, mirraw, johareez. Check the best jewellery designs, you buy at this all jewellery stores, are:

Gold Necklace Designs

Whether you are going to adorn yourself as bridal or beloved these stores have beautiful necklace designs in choker, mangalsutra, pendants and raani haar or others. Buy different layer gold necklace designs with lots of varieties at affordable price.

Beautiful gold rings

If we think about a jewel piece, every woman likes to grab a ring. Rings any be the preeminent item that can give you glamour look to your body. Buy gold rings studded with diamonds or gemstones. All these stores offering you ring as engagement rings, promise and wedding rings to exchange with someone as gifts. Bluestone, johareez, mirraw, tanishq rings are available in 14 karat, 18 karat and 22 karat gold.

Kadas or Bangles

Buy Rose Gold Plated Bangle, chudas, kadas, Bracelets in Red, Clear, Purple, Turquoise and Pink designs.

Fabulous earrings designs

Hey ladies! What you think about to get change your look instantly. Grab the best collections of gold earrings from johareez, mirraw, bluestone and tanishq to impress the crowd around you. Gold earrings or light weight studs are perfect to purchase from these stores online. Enjoy wearing beautiful gold and diamond, gold and silver earrings available with highest quality.

Buy jhumkis, chains, nosepins, nath, tika, hathphool and other jewellery accessories in best gold jewellery designs online!

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Best online jewellery stores in india for latest designs

online jewellery shopping in indiaOnline jewellery shopping trend is touching heights of sky! People search most popular and best online stores to buy jewellery in beautiful designs. India is home to some of the famous online and best store or finest brands that are not only popular within the country but are rated as trusted brands across the globe. Due to opportunities offered by the branded jewellery market in India a significant rise was seen in the number of jewellery retailers. Are looking for a best online jewellery store in india? Then don’t go anywhere explore our posts to get best information! Then go johareez to buy best jewels.

Johareez is a best and leading online jewellery shopping store in india. Johareez is not only a online jewellery shopping store but also a auction and exhibition place in india. Johareez a best brand for making best jewellery designs in gold jewellery. is online shopping destination for fashion accessory lovers. We are the jewellery & fashion marketplace, where we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase almost every kind of Jewellery & Fashion Product they wish to add to their fashion wardrobe. We consistently are partnering with mass merchandisers, fashion brands, merchants who want to promote & sell their jewellery & fashion products via our unique marketplace. Buy gold, silver and fashion jewellery at johareez (A best store for gold jewellery shopping)!online jewellery shopping in india

Johareez online jewellery store is well known for Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Mangalsutra, Bangles, Bracelets, Solitaire Diamonds etc jewellery product maker and designer in india.

We provide featured and reasonable price jewellery items with best designs. We are available for you to offer best jewellery designs in gold, silver, fashion, fine jewellery, artificial or imitation jewellery in indian market!

Some most popular retail jewellery stores, are being search highly on internet for online jewellery shopping like johareez, voylla, bluestone. Johareez is standing among these best jewellery organizations or stores! So go to buy best jewels at!

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Cheapest price gold ring for women – White rose gold designs

Guide to buy affordable cost gold ring for women available in white rose gold design!

Diamond gold ring for women

White Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Plated Ring

Jewellery play best role to keep our splendorous appearance. Ring is an essential jewel piece to achieve elegant look. This is an important ornament for a beautiful lady. Without a doubt, the adornment of a female is incomplete without a ring. The soft fingers of a female or girl adorned with a blooming ring give an unforgettable experience of starring her. Ring is most preferred jewellery for women. Men can impress their females gifting a beautiful ring. Whether you are going to attend wedding or engagement party, ring is the demanding item for several of occasions.

A gold ring is something every woman would like to wear. You should select a ring that she would love to wear on her beautiful & soft fingers. Gold ring is perfect gift for women at most celebrating days. Are you looking for a gold ring for women? Today rings are available in Platinum, Gothic, Antique style or fashionable designs in the market. Among all these, white gold ring designs also amazing to choose.

In jewels White gold is a popular yellow gold, silver or platinum metal. White gold is a best example of beautiful metal for women appearance. So female can choose white gold ring. White gold design is best option for engagement ring. White rose gold engagement rings look gorgeous on female finger. In these days, White gold is getting popularity in indian continent.

White Rose Design Engagement Gold Ring for Women:

Why to choose white rose gold ring with diamond on engagement or wedding ceremony?

Have you engagement or wedding ceremony? You must choose white diamond gold engagement ring without a doubt because engagement and diamonds-gold are inseparable. Diamond-gold metals are rare and express true love when you are giving to your loving females. White rose gold designs are precious because you loving girls or women also more precious on the engagement or wedding day. Women adornment is most caring for someone.So that you should grab this gold jewel to impress your man or boyfriend. And in the case of men or boys we can say that gifting a gold piece is even the evergreen way to express your love to your wife or girlfriend.

Gold Ring for Women on Cheapest Price in India:

Available on affordable price at indian online jewellery stores?

What you think about white gold ring price in india. White rose gold ring is available in competitive price online jewellery stores in India. You can choose beautiful designed ring on most popular online jewellery store, at reasonable price with quality and accuracy of metal composition. Buy gold ring for women on best offers and deals with good discounts.

Though buying gold can be difficult if shop online carelessly. But there are many online jewellery stores that provide safe online jewellery shopping. is among best jewellery shopping stores in india for gold jewellery. We, johareez (dedicated wholesale store especially for females) give you a guarantee to shop a gold ring for women with best quality and affordable cost. So buy cheapest price white rose gold design ring for women in india at!

Buying Guide to Shop a White Diamond-Gold Ring

Purchasing gold is big decision when someone is going to buy online. So you need to take something in your knowledge before buying a gold ring for women. Check out the following jewellery shopping points before buying a gold ring or other jewellery products:

  • Collect online jewellery shopping information from your friends or neighbours before to buy.
  • Have you choose a best online jewellery store?
  • Is the Gold ring is worthy to buy?
  • The ring should be suitable to your finger appearance.
  • Selection of proper diamond in white gold ring.
  • The Density combination of the diamond & gold factors.
  • Budget to spend on ring.
  • Discount offers on deal.
  • Is product quality is good in the comparison of cost?
  • Compare the cost with other online jewellery stores.
  • Go thru the comprehensive deal with other different qualities & features!

Tips to Clean White Gold Ring

  • Take bowl and mix one tablespoon lukewarm water, one teaspoon of dish soap, two teaspoons of ethyl alcohol. Put the ring in the mixture for about ten minutes.
  • Take the ring out of the soap water and place it on a piece of cloth. Now polish the ring with a toothbrush to remove the dirt from the ring.
  • After it keep the ring on the cloth piece. Now you need wash the ring under the tap to get rid of the debris again. Let the water flow freely from the tap onto the ring for about one minute. Now take a dry cloth piece and wipe the ring dry.

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Gold Jewellery Shopping: Women’s Day Discount Coupon

Gold jewellery shopping - womens day

Hey ladies, WOMEN’S DAY is oncoming to you and this is the enjoyable occasion to shop best and affordable jewellery items. This is the day when you should give dashing look to your personality getting a elegant dress up with latest trend or new fashion jewellery.

Gold jewellery is preeminent metal for women to get up magnificent appearance among your friends. Among popular jewellery stores, is best online jewellery stores for gold & gold plated jewellery shopping. Johareez offers you latest gold jewellery designs (in rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and bangles collection) which are most demanding in fashion jewellery trends.

Get johareez’s women’s day flat FLAT DISCOUNT DEALS and coupon code offers. Buy gold plated jewellery at flat 10% off discount applying COUPON CODE: WOMEN10. So go online at johareez for remarkable gold online jewellery shopping experience!

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