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Insight on internet and cyber computer frauds


Insight on online internet fraud

Today in this hustle-bustle life online frauds or cyber computer scams are growing fast. Have a look on following:

Internet Fraud Schemes

Over the years, there have been a number of scams that have evolved, which are designed to defraud consumers and investors. In the past, many of these fraud schemes were conducted through telemarketing, mail, or in person. The global economy available through the Internet has provided a new forum for these and other scams.

While there are new schemes appearing on the Internet, there are a number of common ones you may come in contact with. These include:

Auction and E-Commerce Fraud

One of the most common Internet fraud schemes involves online auction sites, or Web sites that sell items as retail vendors. In this scam, items are offered for sale. The item may be an expensive watch, jewelry, computer, collectibles, or other expensive goods. The victim purchases the item, but doesn’t receive what he or she expected. Either nothing is delivered, or the victim receives a counterfeit or less valuable item than was promised.

Credit Card Fraud

The most common method of credit card fraud on the Internet is obtaining another person’s credit card number, and then making online transactions with it. With this scheme, the credit card is used to purchase items from other Web sites, over the telephone, or other methods that don’t require the physical card to make a purchase.
The victim may provide the information initially purchasing something from the criminal, entering information into a form on a Web site, or any number of other methods. The criminal may max out the credit card, but this isn’t always the case. Small purchases may be made, so that there is a good chance it may be overlooked by the victim when he or she reads the monthly credit statement.

Another credit card scheme involves a variation of the e-commerce or auction fraud mentioned above. In this particular scam, the criminal poses as a legitimate e- commerce site or auction seller. The criminal sells an item online at a price that’s lower than normal, and offers that no payment is necessary until after the item is delivered. When a victim purchases an item, the scam goes into action. The criminal use’s the victim’s real name with another person’s unlawfully obtained credit card number to buy that product from another e-commerce site, and has it shipped to the victim. Once the victim receives the item, he or she then authorizes the credit purchase to be completed, and the payment is made to the criminal.

There are multiple victims in this crime. The legitimate e-commerce site who delivered the item has been bilked out of the product and the money for it. All they have is the name of the person it was delivered to, and another person’s unlawfully obtained credit card number. The person who purchased the item from the criminal believes the items paid for, but their name is now attached to a fraudulent transaction made with the legitimate e-commerce site. While this is being sorted out, the criminal has the money and may be victimizing other individuals and companies in this manner.

Fake Diplomas and Degrees

University degrees and college diplomas have been offered for a few hundred dollars on the Internet. These offers claim that people will receive a valid diploma, degree, or doctorate from legitimate educational institutions. However, these diplomas and degrees aren’t authentic, and don’t qualify as actual proof of education. People who actually receive the fake diploma or degree aren’t registered with the educational institution. If used to obtain employment, an employee may be fired for fraudulently representing themselves, or risk criminal charges.

Identity Theft

In this scheme, the goal isn’t to initially trick the victim, but to obtain information about the person for future scams. Personal information (such as the person’s name, address, employment, credit card information, etc.) is obtained about the victim through a variety of methods. The victim may enter the information into a form on a Web site, purchase something online and provide credit payment and delivery information, or any number of other methods. In some cases, information about victims was stolen from the databases of legitimate businesses or organizations, and then used by the thief for fraudulent purposes. Using the victim’s personal or credit information, the criminal can then apply for credit cards, loans, or purchase items under the victim’s name. The victim may not become aware of this scam until months later when the cards are “maxed out” and payments have been stopped.

Work at Home Scams

This scam offers the business opportunity to make thousands of dollars by working at home. In this scam, the victim is offered the chance to make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month by becoming a part of a money making opportunity. The victim pays to acquire a start-up package, but never receives the materials or information for the business to run properly. In other cases, the person does receive the start-up package, but there is no possible way for the business to make as much money as was promised initially.

Tips to avoid being victimized by online fruad

  • Beware of “Too Good To Be True” Deals – Remember the old saying If it’s too good to be true, it probably is! Think about why they’re making the offer if it’s that good a deal. After all, if there were millions of dollars to be gained, why wouldn’t the person making the offer invest in getting the millions his or herself? If there are thousands of dollars a month to be made at a work-at-home business, why is this person sending email to you about it. Shouldn’t they be working that the business they’re pitching and making all that money? By questioning the offer and the motives behind the offer, you will be better able to avoid falling victim to a scam.
  • Just because a Web site looks professional, doesn’t mean it is professional – Web sites may look impressive and appear to be representative of a good, legitimate company or individual. This may not be the case however. Software packages are available to setup e-commerce sites, and Web page designers can be hired to create a site. This allows criminals to look as professional and authentic as the genuine e-commerce merchants.
  • Be wary of individuals who hide their identities – One of the attractions of the Internet is that it allows anonymity to people, but you should beware of people who refuse to disclose who they really are. Email addresses that don’t provide relevant information about the person is an indication of someone who wants to hide their true identity. For example, a person may have an email address like Another example would be someone who doesn’t give contact names and addresses, but only provides the name of the Web site.
  • Avoid “Advance Fee” demands – Don’t pay for an item or service before you receive it. Many companies will bill you for an item or service after its been provided to you. By avoiding payments before receiving them, there is less chance that you will pay for something you didn’t want, and avoid not receiving anything at all.
  • Investigate the businesses you deal with – Look up information on merchants on the Internet before doing business with them, and look into offers that are made to you before agreeing to them. Information on various types of frauds are publicized on Web sites, and allow you to see whether an offer may be fraudulent. Some auction sites allow visitors to provide feedback about a seller, and may also provide fraud protection (so that if you don’t receive what you want, all or a portion of your money will be returned). You can also use services like the Better Business Bureau at to look up information on various businesses.


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Stardatasolution – Data entry jobs in jaipur india

Stardatasolution - Data entry jaipur india

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Star Data Solution – Data Entry Jobs Provider in Jaipur

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Online data entry jobs in jaipur from home without investment


Online data entry operator jobs in jaipur from home

Everyone is looking to get extra income in this hustle bustle life of earning competition to fulfill their living requirement. Online working based at home is getting so popularity especially in the data management field. It is a prominent demand of the youth, housewives or students. And it will right to say that it is the best way to earn money at home.There are lots of offline and online ways to earn money like data entry job work and outsourcing jobs. You can get full time – part time jobs to earn money online way. This post shows what kind of data management or home based data entry jobs are offered in the jaipur area of india.

It’s not only side business, but also the way to improve your hobby.Lots of companies or organizations are looking for manpower who can supply the home base services to complete their data management or outsourcing business task. There are lots of companies who provide opportunities to make money online without any investment from your pocket. They need more numbers of data entry operator candidates.

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How to Do Home Based Data Entry Work?

Oh Yes! It is even an essential point to know about how to do the data management work. You don’t need to ask someone about it. Stardatasolution provides data entry training for best output. Typing work is the best thing in data entry management. It requires good typing speed to get a better income. Our specialists are keen to make you an expert in typing work. Our practice and demo way are best thing learn about data management. We do train you for the best typing speed to do data entry activities. Learn our best demo to perform best in data management services. You need to do Captcha typing, Image font typing and word document typing activities.

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Sonu Nigam Sings as Beggar at Roadside in Mumbai

Sonu Nigam sings in mumbai on roadside as beggar but none could recognise him! Watch this video!


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Men’s Ring Collection by Bollywood Actor, Prashant kumar gupta

Touted as one of the largest online jewellery shopping destination in India, Johareez has now come with Prashantt Guptha’s latest rings collection. The assortment of men rings is inclusive of sterling silver gold plated two-tone rings, engagement rings with diamonds and so much more.

Explore best collection of refined range of men rings.

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Deepika Padukone – Vin Diesel XXX Return of Xander Cage

Deepika Padukone - Vin Diesel XXX Return of Xander Cage

Plot Leaked

Plot of Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel’s XXX The Return Of Xander Cage? There are several of news and rumours on the web! The plot of Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel’s upcoming film XXX The Return Of Xander Cage has been revealed.

The plot of XXX The Return Of Xander Cage has been revealed. In the film, Vin Diesel reprises his role as Xander Cage, who comes out of a self-imposed exile to have a face-off with alpha warrior Xiang. Deepika Padukone essays the role of Serena, Cage’s love interest in the film.

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone will play the role of Serena, Vin Diesel’s love interest in the film. Thai actor Tony Jaa will play the role of Talon. Though Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose, and Kris Wu’s roles are still unclear.

To check out Deepika padukone’s jewellery costume in bajirao mastani  keep reading…

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