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Interesting facts on eiffel tower, the beautiful monument in paris

eiffel tower top purist attraction in paris

The tourists or lovers of tourism always want to see something different. They have an excitement to explore interesting things during their trip. Travelers are keen to know surprising facts about wonders of the world. In paris city of love, Eiffel tower is also one of the most popular landmark and wonders of the world in france continent of Europe. This tower located in Champ de Mars beside the River Seine is a large green-space for public in Paris. This beautifully designed iron metallic structure is constructed according to the plans of Gustave Eiffel and intended to present in exhibition of the ‘exposition universelle’ of 1889 in Paris. It touches the heights of sky at 324 metres.

It attracts millions of tourists yearly.This is not only tallest building of the world but also a beautiful monument in paris. This tourist attraction of the world is great symbol of modern engineering.

Eiffel tower the most beautiful monument has hidden facts behind its development history, architectural designing & structure. This tourist attraction of the world is great symbol of modern engineering.

How Eiffel Tower is a beautiful monument and tourist attraction of paris, france?

Many of decades are gone but crossing the wall of time eiffel tower, this fascinating or beautiful monument is standing as it was strong & charming.

You can see this tallest building any time surrounded by large amount of visitors or tourists because its beautiness makes them close to it. According to a study experts say eiffel tower looks a beautiful iron lady or beautiful monument at visibility point. Eiffel tower is really 6 times more valuable than its closest rival, the Colosseum in Rome which was priced at 91 billion Euros.

Its twinkling lights and panoramic view give a breathtaking experience. The tow erhas lots of bizarre and tourist attractions near it. You can enjoy the delights of romantic environment around the tower. Eiffel tower is the best place of lovers so the romantic beautiness express the sense to be an beautiful monument about eiffel tower. Unlimited newlyweds come to make honeymoon to eiffel tower standing on top of its 300-meter tower gazing out in the Town of Light. It is so beautiful monument that france is in the eyes of the world tourists. The closer area or campus of eiffel tower has lots of tourist attractions so the environment around the eiffel tower look beautiful and pleasant.

Best Spots and Tourist Attractions near Eiffel Tower:

The River Seine, Trocadéro gardens, Grand Palais, Champs-Élysées, Chaillot hill, Statue of Liberty , ALMA AND IÉNA apart from these; Pantheon, Sainte Chapelle, Musee du Louvre, Montmartre, Pont des Arts, Notre Dame, Palace of Versailles are the best attractive sites that gives eiffel tower beautiful and charming environment.

Explore the treasure of historical facts that are interesting to know for you:

Significant facts and information about Eiffel Tower:

  1. 1889 Why eiffel tower was built? It is designed to celebrate centenary of the French Revolution in 1889. The best model of eiffel tower was presented by Gustave Eiffel in International Exhibition of Paris.
  2. What are the goods, instruments, tools, worker are involve in the construction of the building:
    • Almost 300 steel workers built it in around 2 years within the period of 1887-1889
    • 2.5 million rivets, 15,000 iron pieces (excluding rivets). 40 tons of paint. 1652 steps to the top. Height varies up to 15 cm depending on temperature.
  3. The construction cost was 7,799,401.31 French gold francs in 1889.
  4. Iron metallic building weighs about 10,000,000 kilograms, or 22 million pounds.
  5. The construction of Eiffel tower was complete at 300 meters.
  6. 3 different – different colors are used to paint the structure of tower to give it best look from the ground.
  7. Eiffel tower use for radio & TV broadcasting communications via satellite. Wireless communications are very easy upon this tower.
  8. This Eiffel tower was nicknamed ‘La Dame de Fer – Iron Lady.’
  9. What is the hidden fact behind its beautiful looking? Answer is ‘It has 5 billion lights on the Eiffel Tower.
  10. The lower level first platform of the tower is 190 feet above the ground and then you can visit the second platform is 376 feet and then you will reach at third highest point is almost 900 feet.

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Cheapest price gold ring for women – White rose gold designs

Guide to buy affordable cost gold ring for women available in white rose gold design!

Diamond gold ring for women

White Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Plated Ring

Jewellery play best role to keep our splendorous appearance. Ring is an essential jewel piece to achieve elegant look. This is an important ornament for a beautiful lady. Without a doubt, the adornment of a female is incomplete without a ring. The soft fingers of a female or girl adorned with a blooming ring give an unforgettable experience of starring her. Ring is most preferred jewellery for women. Men can impress their females gifting a beautiful ring. Whether you are going to attend wedding or engagement party, ring is the demanding item for several of occasions.

A gold ring is something every woman would like to wear. You should select a ring that she would love to wear on her beautiful & soft fingers. Gold ring is perfect gift for women at most celebrating days. Are you looking for a gold ring for women? Today rings are available in Platinum, Gothic, Antique style or fashionable designs in the market. Among all these, white gold ring designs also amazing to choose.

In jewels White gold is a popular yellow gold, silver or platinum metal. White gold is a best example of beautiful metal for women appearance. So female can choose white gold ring. White gold design is best option for engagement ring. White rose gold engagement rings look gorgeous on female finger. In these days, White gold is getting popularity in indian continent.

White Rose Design Engagement Gold Ring for Women:

Why to choose white rose gold ring with diamond on engagement or wedding ceremony?

Have you engagement or wedding ceremony? You must choose white diamond gold engagement ring without a doubt because engagement and diamonds-gold are inseparable. Diamond-gold metals are rare and express true love when you are giving to your loving females. White rose gold designs are precious because you loving girls or women also more precious on the engagement or wedding day. Women adornment is most caring for someone.So that you should grab this gold jewel to impress your man or boyfriend. And in the case of men or boys we can say that gifting a gold piece is even the evergreen way to express your love to your wife or girlfriend.

Gold Ring for Women on Cheapest Price in India:

Available on affordable price at indian online jewellery stores?

What you think about white gold ring price in india. White rose gold ring is available in competitive price online jewellery stores in India. You can choose beautiful designed ring on most popular online jewellery store, at reasonable price with quality and accuracy of metal composition. Buy gold ring for women on best offers and deals with good discounts.

Though buying gold can be difficult if shop online carelessly. But there are many online jewellery stores that provide safe online jewellery shopping. is among best jewellery shopping stores in india for gold jewellery. We, johareez (dedicated wholesale store especially for females) give you a guarantee to shop a gold ring for women with best quality and affordable cost. So buy cheapest price white rose gold design ring for women in india at!

Buying Guide to Shop a White Diamond-Gold Ring

Purchasing gold is big decision when someone is going to buy online. So you need to take something in your knowledge before buying a gold ring for women. Check out the following jewellery shopping points before buying a gold ring or other jewellery products:

  • Collect online jewellery shopping information from your friends or neighbours before to buy.
  • Have you choose a best online jewellery store?
  • Is the Gold ring is worthy to buy?
  • The ring should be suitable to your finger appearance.
  • Selection of proper diamond in white gold ring.
  • The Density combination of the diamond & gold factors.
  • Budget to spend on ring.
  • Discount offers on deal.
  • Is product quality is good in the comparison of cost?
  • Compare the cost with other online jewellery stores.
  • Go thru the comprehensive deal with other different qualities & features!

Tips to Clean White Gold Ring

  • Take bowl and mix one tablespoon lukewarm water, one teaspoon of dish soap, two teaspoons of ethyl alcohol. Put the ring in the mixture for about ten minutes.
  • Take the ring out of the soap water and place it on a piece of cloth. Now polish the ring with a toothbrush to remove the dirt from the ring.
  • After it keep the ring on the cloth piece. Now you need wash the ring under the tap to get rid of the debris again. Let the water flow freely from the tap onto the ring for about one minute. Now take a dry cloth piece and wipe the ring dry.

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Crikcet match – Johareez & brand ambassador towards sports in jaipur

Crikcet match - Johareez prashantt guptha
Friends, is amongst the most popular online jewellery stores in india. Johareez organised it’s IInd cricket match tournament between two internal teams (Johareez Stalians & Johareez Star) on 12th march, saturday at chaugan stadium, in jaipur, rajasthan. The brand ambassador, prashantt guptha was captain of the johareez star and in other hand gajendra gupta command on the johareez stallions team.

Johareez, we experience different & pleasant environment in the comparison of Ist match scheduled on 29th February. The match goes on 10 am morning to 10 pm in the evening. In first batting round of T-20 Round, Johareez Stalians targeted 177 runs at 7 wickets for johareez star. But in 20 overs Johareez Star team hardly scored 171 runs. So The team Johareez Stailians won the match by 6 runs in IInd batting round!

The Jaipurites or audience appreciate the match and joahreez’s progressive step towards the sports field. So hopefully in future johareez will do such types of activities to encourage the sports mania.

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Download god of war 5 – Pc game release dates

Free Download god of war 5

Friends! What you think about new upcoming God of war 5 PC Game? It’s coming soon. There are some rumous about releasing dates of the new games.

God of War 5 Mythology Development Ready and New game to HD Free Download for PC and Mobile

Guys! The developers of this game’s series know that new games God of War 5 is most waited but the development of new game is lacking of innovations. According to some news & rumours new games god of war 5 is on working process.

We all are waiting for release date of new pc game of this series. We are keen to download free god of war 5 pc game. We hope that the this new game will be available for Android mobile app. If the developers take any action on the launching or developing of this product, you will found best update on this blog to keep read latest news about the pc game God of War 5.

Keep in touch to read latest updates! 🙂

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Boyfriend gifts ideas to choose a best jewel for him

Best gifts ideas for boyfriend

Every time you try to bring happy glow on the face of your loving one and in this regard gifting is certainly a simple way to surprise & prove that you care for him. However, selecting a unique or elegant gift can be complicated task. Whether it is for your boyfriend or husband, you may always be confused about what would be the best gift piece for your boyfriend. If you choose a best gifts, it’s not only lovable but also be useful for your husband or man. Johareez is offering abundance of options in personalized jewellery gifts like Bracelets, engagement rings, unisex pendants and more to buy best gifts for your boyfriend online ! Do you want to purchase jewellery gifts for boyfriend, Read more.

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Diamond – Gold Ring : Online Gold Jewellery Shopping in India

Online gold jewellery shopping in india

Sparkle diamond – gold ring

Rings are considered Preeminent part of jewellery for women adornment. When we are going to do shopping for rings, realize that we are looking for what may be the single most symbolic pieces of jewelry we will ever own. In this regard online shopping is the best choice for women. Women always think to get special piece whether it Diamond Jewellery, silver jewellery or gold jewellery. But online GOLD JEWELLERY SHOPPING is first choice for them.They search for popular online jewellery stores in the market for gold jewellery shopping. is best online store for gold jewellery shopping in india. DIAMOND -GOLD RING is the for pieces in gold jewellery shopping. Whether it’s a gift to yourself, a friend, relative, or spouse, or the much coveted engagement ring, a diamond – gold ring is a timeless piece of jewelry. Here johareez, a online jewellery store brings you to shop a most wearing diamond – gold ring available in best quality and reasonable price comparing the indian market.

Adorn your beautiful finger with SPARKLES 0.37 Cts Sparkles Diamond Ring made in 18 Kt Gold & Real Diamonds. The ring is 100% pure with 18k gold metal. This cluster Yellow ring is designed with gold and Sparkles diamonds to give your finger magnificent look and charm.

Check out the Items Features:

Metal: Gold
Metal Stamp:18k
Metal Variant:
Yellow Gold
Finish: Fine Finish
Gross Wt:4.00 Grams
Total Diamond Weight:0.37 cts
Total CTW: 0.37 cts
Gender: Unisex

Best Price in India: Rs. 43367

Fulfil your sweet dreams of gold jewellery shopping buying this beautiful diamond-gold ring at JOHAREEZ.COM! So you are ready for gold jewellery shopping? To buy this diamond gold ring, Explore here….

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Gold Jewellery Shopping: Women’s Day Discount Coupon

Gold jewellery shopping - womens day

Hey ladies, WOMEN’S DAY is oncoming to you and this is the enjoyable occasion to shop best and affordable jewellery items. This is the day when you should give dashing look to your personality getting a elegant dress up with latest trend or new fashion jewellery.

Gold jewellery is preeminent metal for women to get up magnificent appearance among your friends. Among popular jewellery stores, is best online jewellery stores for gold & gold plated jewellery shopping. Johareez offers you latest gold jewellery designs (in rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and bangles collection) which are most demanding in fashion jewellery trends.

Get johareez’s women’s day flat FLAT DISCOUNT DEALS and coupon code offers. Buy gold plated jewellery at flat 10% off discount applying COUPON CODE: WOMEN10. So go online at johareez for remarkable gold online jewellery shopping experience!

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