Samsung galaxy s7 – Specifications, price, release date leaked

29 Dec

Samsung galaxy s7 price in india

According to some rumors the new launched Samsung galaxy s7 pretty smartphone is going to release soon with new technologies! Rumors reveals about Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specifications – best features, best price, concepted photos or images and available size. Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date Leaked by World’s Largest Telecommunications Provider. Samsung Galaxy S7’s release date and pricing remains a mystery, with some reports calling for an early launch and others sticking to the story of a traditional Mobile World Congress launch in late February.
According to a report and picture published by Slashgear, a photo taken of an internal presentation given by China Mobile – by some measures the world’s largest telecommunications company, with well over 800 million customers – included an image of a slide showing the Galaxy S7 scheduled to go on sale in February 2016 less than one year after the S6 hit the market. Rumors also says about Galaxy S7 sizes may be 5.2-Inch And 5.5-Inch Models!According to South Korea ET News, Samsung is planning to change the screen size of both its standard and phablet Galaxy S7 models. The standard Galaxy S7 will come with a larger 5.2-inch display and is being developed under the codename ‘HERO1’. Meanwhile an enlarged 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 will appear after being developed under the ‘HERO2’ codename for the first time.

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